Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Addy is Moving!

Though I'm not sure that I have many readers, I thought I would let visitors to this site know:


The reason I've been absent of late is because I've been working on a brand new project. It's called Six-Kick Switch, and it's now up for you to see!

After nearly a year blogging on Miss Addy's, I feel like I've begun to find my bearings and voice as a blogger. As this voice developed, I realized that it parted ways with the somewhat obscure, catch-all philosophy that the blog had. So I've decided to start over, start afresh, and see where it takes me.I will, however, keep Miss Addy's up in case you want to see the content here.

Six-Kick Switch is less about everyday life and more about the things that really interest me: fitness and training, music, travel and of course, the occasional recipe. Additionally, I will be making more of an effort to feature some of my own art on the blog.

So please join me on this newest foray into the blogosphere! Check out Six-Kick Switch!
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